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Last night or  Fausses nouvelles : un remède humain contre les mots incendiaires ? Photo by Elijah O Donell on Unsplash. Aux États-Unis, les plates-formes les plus souvent  3 May 2020 The site has now become an anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theorist platform that resembles an uncontrollable raging dumpster fire. Although to be fair,  22 Nov 2016 853 members in the PizzaGateMemes community.

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A Google search for the term shows dozens of articles published on the topic in recent days, many of them dedicated to debunking the conspiracy. Reddit banned its Pizzagate community just before Thanksgiving, scattering its more committed subscribers to Voat—a Reddit-like site with less regard for hate speech, doxxing, or other nefarious Meanwhile, the exiled pizzagate subreddit (which has since moved to Reddit’s knockoff Voat) drummed up suspicion based on a traffic camera near Comet Ping Pong which they claim moved a day Rumors linking a well-known Brooklyn restaurant to the so-called Pizzagate hoax seem to have emerged in posts on an online message board late last month. A Voat user wrote of finding a For the uninitiated, Pizzagate is a conspiracy theory borne out of emails obtained by Wikileaks from Hillary Clinton's campaign chair, John Podesta. Some conspiracy theorists claimed that Podesta Investigation by "citizen investigators" on Reddit and Voat revealed a host of "evidence" that suggested Pizzagate was evidence of a satanic pedophile ring, operating at the highest levels in Washington.

Posts about  6 Jan 2021 Computational folklorist Timothy Tangherlini's research into conspiracy theories and online platforms was featured in a recent article in Ars  6 déc. 2016 Les fausses informations, fake news, qui circulent et s'amplifient en ligne sont accusées d'avoir joué un rôle dans l'élection de Donald Trump. Follow the active citizens investigation on Voat • Extended Investigative Summary of Pizzagate • Pizzagate/Pedogate Megadump (over 5,500 sources).

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The main aim of this subreddit is to create  6 Dec 2016 First, it was found that the infants/toddlers Alefantis was posting on his instagram appear to have a strange anomaly in their iris, and that there  -area pizza shop, Comet Ping Pong, followers of the debunked “pizzagate” conspiracy theory have been speculating. Retrieved 7 December 2016. "Pizzagate" is a debunked conspiracy theory that went viral during the 2016 United States presidential election cycle.[2][3][4] It has been extensively discredited  Osmadvacetiletý Američan vyzbrojený puškou vtrhl do pizzerie ve Washingtonu, aby si ověřil konspirační teorii šířící se na alternativních webech. Ta tvrdí, že v  25 Jun 2020 The underlying theory is identical for all conspiracy theories,” says UCLA professor Timothy Tangherlini.

Pizzagate voat

Utredningar av pedofilringar leder sällan till fällande domar

Pizzagate voat

Jag vill gärna att Klein ger en uppdatering på Pizzagate, har de  Ni kommer till en grävsida som heter Där undersöks om detta skall vara bokstavlig trail-blazer för ett  Intelligence Agency) can be found on a Voat post by OrwellKnew.

De piskar upp sig själva De har exempelvis fortfarande inte släppt pizzagate. Det blir resonans i en  Voat, som grundades 2014. Plattfomen blev mer populär när först förespråkare av konspirationsteorin Pizzagate och sedan så kallade incels,  upp ganska många safe spaces som Fox News och Breitbart samt Voat. Jag vill gärna att Klein ger en uppdatering på Pizzagate, har de  Ni kommer till en grävsida som heter
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Pizzagate voat

16 Feb 2017 Newly released video of supposedly John Podesta screaming and threatening one or multiple children (pizzagate) VOAT Submitted by  25 Jan 2017 On the 5th of January 2017, Pizzagate researcher Ryan O' Neal uploaded a video to Youtube in which he claimed James Alefantis threatened  14 juni 2017 PizzaGate de Satanische beerput. #PizzaGate is het schandaal rondom een pedofilie ring in Washington D.C. (USA) dat ontdekt werd door  11 Jan 2017 In a video uploaded to Youtube, Pizzagate researcher Ryan A. O'Neal alleges that James Alefantis threatened him and his family's lives - and  8 dec 2016 In de VS is volgens alternatieve media afgelopen maand een schandaal uitgebroken dat zijn weerga niet kent. Alternatieve media en  24 Jan 2019 Since 2016 the administrative (European Commission, 2018) - and public - incentive for more moderation caused several of the major social  Efter förbudet mot Reddit flyttades diskussionen till sub v / pizzagate på Voat , en webbplats som liknar Reddit. Några av Pizzagates förespråkare,  Pizzagate konspirationsteori Webbsida Voat Screenshot Son, Linkin park, område, varumärke png. Pizzagate konspirationsteori Webbsida Voat Screenshot Son  Wikipedia Etiketter PizzaGate "krossat", "Falska" och "falskt" Men PizzaGate användare på Voat påpekade att Alefantis var dishonoest mot  Voat: Barn som varit utsätta för trafficking och blivit sexuellt utnyttjade hamnar inom NCMEC, och de fyller  av "världseliten" [Pizzagate /mod] Konspirationer och alternativa teorier.

(Live Leak) Death, rapes, and broken bones at Philly’s only residential treatment center for troubled youth (Voat) This voat thread lists and links most of the suspicious emails leaked that relate to Pizzagate. This is useful. In a continuation of the tech sector progs’ attack against “fake news,” Apple CEO Tim Cook wants to ramp up efforts to suppress things like what we’ve investigating . The Pizzagate Voat's continue to be active, and some of those who subscribe to the Pizzagate conspiracy theory continue to take more direct action. The New York Daily News reports that a Philadelphia church service was interrupted by a man who videoed himself claiming that "Pizzagate is real" and that "the Catholic church has been sexually abusing children for decades." 2017-09-19 A pizzagate forum has sprung up on and awareness of the scandal is spreading on YouTube, Twitter and other social media outlets. And now The Corbett Report community can collate information on the pizzagate scandal in this new open source investigation. 2018-01-03 CBS anchor Ben Swann did a “reality check” on Pizzagate on the 17th of January 2017, in which he looked at Pizzagate.

Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Voat. Comet pizzagate. 107 likes. Community 2020-12-23 · Voat famously saved the whole pizzagate thread from Reddit and reposted it all. The 971 Blog was a result of that.

Pizzagate konspirationsteori Webbsida Voat Screenshot Son  Wikipedia Etiketter PizzaGate "krossat", "Falska" och "falskt" Men PizzaGate användare på Voat påpekade att Alefantis var dishonoest mot  Voat: Barn som varit utsätta för trafficking och blivit sexuellt utnyttjade hamnar inom NCMEC, och de fyller  av "världseliten" [Pizzagate /mod] Konspirationer och alternativa teorier. På Voat är det många som förflyttat sig efter att reddit censuerade. complicit in one of these harmful conspiracies, such as QAnon or Pizzagate.
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Pizzagate konspirationsteori Webbsida Voat Screenshot Son

Se hela listan på Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks about the international scope of Pizzagate with researcher, Ryan Zimmerman. Although the idea of the elite abusing children is nothing new, the concrete evidence provided by the Pizzagate investigation has unveiled an epic organization stretching across all corners of the Earth. And while […] Se hela listan på 2018-07-30 · 6 Pizzagate Researchers Who Went Dark Since the research community is so heavily distracted with disinfo and false prophets lately, I thought it would be useful to compile a short list of silenced users and what they were working on before going dark. This list should serve as a kickoff point for researchers who want […] Internet sleuths on the Reddit-Like site Voat Pizzagate subverse rescued hundreds of human-trafficked children they reported, following a daring assault by a patriot armed with an AR-15. Comet pizza, located in Washington DC, was, according to postings, a major node in a pedophile organization reaching the highest leve Abramovic's ties with "John of God" | pizzagate 3/10/19, 819 AM Page 1 of 4 32 Search Voat (via 2016-12-06 · Pizzagate: What is it? Pizzagate is an online conspiracy theory that believes James Alefantis is part of a very large conspiracy involving blackmail, child sex, and occult rituals. Seems pretty far out there I must admit, but will try to explain all the evidence used to support the theory.

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Ha estat desacreditada per una àmplia gamma d'organitzacions, les pròpies que estan implicades, inclòs el Departament de la Policia Metropolitana del Districte de Columbia, tot i que noves informacions i filtracions d'Anonymous aportant desenes de proves han dut a 2018-03-02 · #AlecBaldwin Linked to #Opioid Smuggling, #Pizzagate, #Rockefellers, and a Laundry List of #Cabal members by researchers on #Voat March 2, 2018 by Neon Revolt This post on Voat is huge, and staggering in its implications.